Social Responsibility

Community involvement has always been important to our organization. Since the firm’s inception in 1926, community giving has been a central value to Cecil Usher, William Richter, and the entire Richter team. Throughout the firm’s growth in Montreal and Toronto, the community has been integral to Richter’s success and in an effort to show gratitude, Richter strives to pay it forward, by giving to those in need in impactful and substantial ways.

Richter’s giving programs have evolved throughout the years but the commitment to integrity and support for causes we believe in remains steadfast. To date our firm has supported over 100 non-profit and community-focused organizations including healthcare initiatives, children’s education, the arts and environmental causes.

As we’ve grown, so has our commitment to corporate citizenship. These contributions require a great deal of dedication and our team of over 500 people is committed to providing assistance to local groups and deserving associations. Many of our team members put a great deal of their time into organizing fundraising campaigns; beyond monetary contributions, Richter believes in taking action to support the community, as well.   

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Here are just a few of the initiatives and ways in which we say thank you and continually give back to the communities that have given us so much:

Community Day: since 2008, Richter employees devote an entire work day to giving back through special community programs. In the early years, almost 200 team members took part in the event, and now, every employee participates in the day-of-giving to volunteer for local, community-based organizations that support a variety of causes. To date, Richter has worked with 30 community organizations in the Greater Montreal and Greater Toronto areas for this initiative.

The Richter Charitable Foundation: our firm regularly makes substantial donations to support causes and organizations we believe in. We commit to giving more over half a million dollars to the community, each year.

The Richter Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship program: this program was created to assist aspiring and inspirational social enterprises in growing their businesses. Through this program, Richter partners with unique start-ups to help bring their ground-breaking ideas from incubator to actuality. Richter believes in helping social entrepreneurs with their ideas that commit to moving the needle on large-scale issues like global poverty and hunger. We invest in these organizations by donating time, expertise, business advice and our services, pro bono.    

Bursaries: for almost a decade, Richter has given bursaries to deserving university undergraduates to help make student life a little easier. Recipients of these bursaries are exceptional leaders at their chosen institutions, are active in their communities and aspire to achieve success in the world of business.

Denim Days: Any of our employees can choose to give a $5 donation per pay, to support causes of their choosing throughout the year; in doing so, the employee can wear jeans on Fridays. Making for an easy clothing choice one day also helps build our community on an on-going basis.

Centraide campaign: “Coming Together to Help – Helping to Come Together” – In Montreal, our firm has been actively involved in Centraide fundraisers for several years. Each year we give more than $100,000 to the organization and its’ causes. 

Richter’s charitable committee: Richter has an extremely dedicated group of team members in Toronto that give a substantial amount of time to organizing events and activities for the larger Richter team. We couldn’t be as impactful without their generosity of time and we are so grateful for their dedication.

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Community Day 2016

Community Day 2016

This year Richter's Community Day initiatives are bigger than ever! Richter’s 500-person team supported 4 different causes in 2 different cities.

Community Day 2015

Community Day 2015

This year Richter Community Day lands on June 4th and our community giving initiatives are bigger than ever! Richter’s 500-person team will be out all day supporting causes in a variety of different areas.