Commitment to Environmental Causes

Environmental commitment: The future looks green.

The assistance that businesses provide to sustainable development causes remains a top-of-mind issue for most communities. Richter is very aware of this reality and has joined the concerted efforts made by various players in the business world. Since 2007, our Go Green program has endeavoured to reduce our environmental footprint by minimizing waste and promoting environmental best practices within our firm.

Our environmental program has focused on reducing the use of disposable products, paper, lowering energy consumption, and encouraging the use of alternative modes of transportation. It carries out a series of targeted activities aimed at ensuring that the entire firm is committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our Go Green Program was implemented in three phases, each focusing on one of three main components: waste reduction and recycling, energy efficiency, and transportation. Our environmental commitment affects as many business activities as possible, including our recruiting initiatives, client events and marketing campaigns.

Our efforts have provided some impressive results: a 35% reduction in paper consumption (one million sheets of paper annually), the elimination of the use of 95% of plastic water bottles (40,000 bottles annually) and of 90,000 polystyrene cups, as well as 24,000 disposable plates and pieces of cutlery, and a 40% reduction in the number of printers we use.