Congratulations to our team members!

Richter is proud to celebrate the academic achievement of our team members. Whether it is for passing the Common Final Exam or for having obtained another professional designation within the last year, we are pleased to congratulate each and every one of them.

To all our team members: congratulations! In addition to your daily tasks at work, we commend you for the considerable time and effort you have all dedicated to your studies. Your diligence has paid off. I hope this gives you a great sense of pride and accomplishment. This achievement is not just a simple three-letter title, it officially marks the beginning of what I’m sure will be illustrious careers in this industry.

All partners and colleagues are proud that you are a part of the Richter team. This team comprises hundreds of driven and talented business advisors. Collectively we carry on the time-honoured Richter tradition of never settling for the status quo and of always pushing for excellence in client service. By furthering your education and completing your schooling you are now continuing this tradition. In achieving your academic goals you are not only contributing to your own success, you are also elevating the firm as a whole, and you will in turn, contribute to the success of your clients and their businesses with your newly acquired knowledge. You are an important factor to the future success of Richter.

As you let this achievement sink in today, look back on all the hard work, long nights, and many study sessions and realize that in the end, it was worth all of the effort… and when you face great challenges going forward, remember this moment and tackle on-coming challenges with the same sense of determination that it took you to get here today – because in the end, hard work will always pay off. 

Congratulations to all of you!

We would like to send a special congratulations to our Richter team members who have achieved a new designation this year:

CFE - 2016

Raquel Amorim (CFE)
Mattan Biton (CFE)
Annick Bonnier-Roy (CFE)
Zachary Brzezinski (CFE)
Dufour, Nicolas (CFE)
Arthur Fortier (CFE)
Maxime Gauvreau-Paquette (CFE)
Ryan Ghammache (CFE)
Corey Greenwald (CFE)
Melissa Gronkowski (CFE)
Rachel Killorn (CFE)
Anne-Hélène Lefrancq (CFE)
Jennifer Lu (CFE)
Roger Maalouf (CFE)
Alixandra Lapkovsky (CFE)
Eric Marineau (CFE)
Patricia Martins (CFE)
Antoine Mazloum (CFE)
Lamia Moustaine (CFE)
Nina Randhawa (CFE)
Greta Sacre (CFE)
Rachel Saleh (CFE)
Peter Shi (CFE)
Karina Sklar (CFE)
Lisa-Marie Therrien (CFE)

Other Designations - 2016

Roy Bahna (LL. M. Fisc)
Sarah Benammar (LL.M. Fisc.)
Alexandra Brazeau (CPA, CA)
Geneviève Brousseau (CPA)
Melissa Buck (CBV)
Adam Caplan (CPA, CA)
Marcus Chalmers (CPA, CA)
Francis Delorme (CPA, CA)
Pierre-Antoine Dupont (CPA, CA)
Andrew Fleet (CPA, CA)
Kimberly Fuller (CPA, CA)
Brandon Gerstein (CPA, CA)
Abdullah Husen (CBV)
Layla Kabbara (CPA, CA)
David Leblanc (CFA, CAIA)
Wajahat Mahmood (CBV)
Francis Marsolais (CPA, CA)
Jeanne Mazrou (CPA, CA)
Marie-Pier Ménard (CPA, CA)
Asif Mohammed (MBA)
Jason Morin (CPA, CA)
Shahaf Ozgaon (CPA, CA)
Julien Pagé (CPA, CA)
David Perron (LL.M. Fisc.)
Luciano Renda (CFA)
David Stein (CPA, CA)
Andréa Tétreault (CPA, CA)
Kim Tremblay (CPA, CA)
Mark Walsh (CIPPC)
Adriana Wilson (CPA, CGA)
Roger Yuen (Barreau du Québec)
Nikola Zivkovic (CFA)