Professional development

Mentorship, career planning services, performance bonuses, salary increases based on professional designations, as well as numerous internal and external training opportunities are part of the many benefits offered by Richter to all of its professional employees. All professional development programs are carefully thought-out and well executed, offering training on topics directly related to each employee’s position, in addition to complementary or soft-skill learning opportunities.

Career Planning and Management Services

Our firm has implemented a well-structured and effective Performance Management Program, which is used throughout the year by employees and managers to ensure good communication between every member of the Richter team. 

Destined for everyone in the firm, this program focuses essentially on job satisfaction, engagement, as well as performance. It is meant as a career planning guide for every employee according to their own professional objectives and is in keeping with the overall direction being taken by the firm.

Reimbursement of Tuition Fees and Training Costs

Richter may reimburse some or all of the cost of training courses taken by its professionals. Moreover, bonuses and salary increases can be awarded in order to recognize employees who obtain a professional designation or successfully complete professional development courses.

Mentoring Program and Talent Management 

Richter recognizes that it has a responsibility to share the knowledge of its highly experienced team of professionals with younger staff. Through its group of more than 60 partners who have an exceptional amount of skills and wide-ranging expertise, Richter is committed to sharing this talent with the next generation of professionals. This knowledge transfer takes place within a structured framework: our mentoring program pairs different generations of experienced partners and young professionals, based on their areas of expertise and the fields in which they would like to pursue an interest.