Jonathan Couture

The summer internship was a wonderful experience. It helped me become more familiar with the various aspects and opportunities of a career in a firm. It was also a great way to get to know passionate professionals, through fun and work.

I also had the opportunity to do three rotations during my internship. First, I went to the Enterprise Group during a busy period that allowed me to work on more complex mandates and quickly develop useful skills. Then I visited Restructuring Canada, a group where I discovered a completely different aspect of accountancy. This very dynamic group trusted me quickly and gave me new challenges, all of them interesting.

Thanks to various activities, like the dragon boat race, the cottage at Lac à l’Eau Claire, the Wine & Cheese, a buddy-student supper and much more, I developed strong friendships with members of the firm. The Richter LLP team’s goal is to help students become more autonomous and skillful and provide them with quality coaching.

Richter is also unique for its mix of small, medium and large companies. Richter has a wide range of clients, providing a more extensive view of the market. Working with smaller companies allows us to have direct contact with executives and work on various sections, generating many challenges.

Although it was short, this internship allowed me to improve on a professional and personal level by working with brilliant professionals who have their firm’s success and reputation at heart. During the whole summer, I felt part of a family, members of which have a strong sense of belonging.