Meaghan Singer

From the very first day of the internship, I already knew that Richter was the firm for me! My new colleagues were all extremely welcoming, and I instantly felt comfortable to ask any question. The first two weeks of training went by insanely quickly as we were being taught the software systems and how to work the Richter way. Not only were we being educated on all things Richter, we were also given the opportunity to meet our new intern family and learn from each other. The training included several interactive presentations and many team-building activities, which together established a successful formula to create hard-working leaders and everlasting friendships. Additionally, the interns were split up into teams in order to raise money for a charity of our choice. Richter made this into a competition in order to motivate us to raise the most we possibly can! Since Richter’s internship is a rotational experience, we all got separated after the two-week training sessions. Some of us were placed on mandates and immediately sent to clients, while others were placed in different departments throughout the firm. Not only were we given the opportunity to receive audit exposure, we were also taught from numerous other established professionals in different departments. We were given the chance to meet directly with clients and learn how to properly represent a firm. If the department we were placed in had weekly meetings, we were encouraged to join in and learn from these organized sessions. Overall, my summer at Richter was an experience I will never forget! I am extremely appreciative of the people I had the opportunity to work with and all of the relationships I created along the way.