Insolvency Cases


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1115926 Ontario Inc

1262775 Ontario Inc (formerly known as Thane Direct Canada Inc)

161617 Canada Inc

1677711 Ontario Inc

177841 Canada Inc. (formerly known as J.L. de Ball Canada Inc.)

1817870 Ontario Inc (formerly known as AFI Hydro Inc)

2021929 Ontario Inc (formerly Elementa Group Inc.)

2151456 Ontario Inc

2194124 Ontario Inc (formerly Thane Direct Marketing Inc)

2473304 Ontario Inc

2537330 Ontario Inc

2726556 Canada Inc

2806436 Canada Inc

2818396 Canada Inc

3244585 Nova Scotia Company (formerly Thane Direct Company)

3476600 Canada Inc.

3762904 Canada Inc.

4021568 Canada Inc.

4330935 Canada Inc.

4425529 Canada Inc.

4425537 Canada Inc.

4445937 Canada Inc

4504020 Canada Inc. (formerly Railpower Technologies Corp.)

7098961 Canada Inc (formerly Beyond The Rack Enterprises Inc.)

7098961 Canada Inc. (Formerly Beyond the Rack Inc. ) - NOTICE OF CUSTOMER CLAIM AND OF THE CREDITORS' MEETING

7321287 Canada Inc (formerly MConcierge Systems Inc.)

Phone: 514.934.3465
Fax: 514.934.3504

7528507 Canada Ltd. (formerly Club Sierra Lifestyles at Aspen Ridge Inc.)

7528515 Canada Ltd. (formerly Evergreen Club Inc.)

7528540 Canada Ltd. (formerly Masterpiece Inglewood Inc.)

8635919 Canada Inc (formerly operating as iTravel2000)

9005-4925 Quebec Inc


9079-0403 Québec Inc

9135-2310 Québec Inc.

9178-2292 Québec Inc. (Domaine des Forges III)

9183-7831 Quebec Inc

9197281 Canada Inc.

Phone: 514.934.3465
Fax: 514.934.3504

9199-1174 Quebec Inc

9210-6905 Quebec Inc

9229-7738 Québec Inc. (formerly Editions Fides Inc.)

9288-8262 Quebec Inc

Phone: 514.934.3465
Fax: 514.934.3504

9327-2979 Québec Inc. (formerly Aliments Prolimer Inc.)