Let's Talk Numbers

November 2013

We are proud to present to you the 4th edition of Let’s Talk Numbers, a newsletter created by Richter’s Business Advisory Services team, tailored to the interests of our clients and business partners in the banking and legal community. Each article is written by professionals from different divisions and deals with topical matters. We hope you will enjoy the content.

The articles included in the publication are the following:

  1. Technology at the Rescue of Canadian Retailers
    Jean Desrochers
  2. Understanding EBITDA and Valuation Multiples:
    If cash is king, why does everyone talk about EBITDA?
    Alana Geller and Andrew Michelin
  3. The Secrets of Success to Selling a Business
    David Pelletier
  4. Managing Commodity Taxes and Cash Flows in a Transaction
    Martin Gilbert