Audit and Assurance

Insightful analysis for reliable results.

A well-conducted audit can provide business owners with valuable information and assurance that statements are fairly presented. At Richter, we view the audit process as an opportunity for our clients to learn more about their businesses so they are better equipped to communicate with banks, investors and partners. We provide our clients with an objective presentation of their financial information as well as qualified advice and observations.

Experienced Auditing and Assurance Services

We are experienced at identifying opportunities and have helped many clients take advantage of changing industry trends and legislation to grow their businesses. Our technology allows us to work efficiently and accurately. Our Paperless Audit process connects your electronic systems with ours resulting in a speedier, more accurate process.


Richter demands audit quality and we set tough policies to achieve it. We are proud of our profession and deliver on our promises to the public trust. We hire the most competent people and invest heavily in training and tools. These tools include systems that ensure consistency, objectivity and accountability, resulting in strict compliance with professional standards. Another tool we count on is experience. Our senior people are actively involved and we seek active dialogue with your senior people.


An audit shouldn’t interfere with your business, so early planning and proper staffing are keys to delivering timely results and to avoiding unpleasant surprises. Another key is the efficiency gained by using technology. At Richter, we use a Paperless Audit process that saves us time and you time.

Integrity and objectivity

The importance of audit quality cannot be overstated. At Richter we operate at the highest level of integrity and objectivity. We demand compliance with the profession’s ethics and independence standards. That’s easy to say, of course, but our record confirms it and has for more than 85 years. We have strict policies regarding ethical behaviour and vigilant control systems.

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Financial Reporting Advisory Services

Financial Reporting Advisory Services

In recent years, accounting standards have become much more complex, and financial reporting requirements have followed suit. This trend is not going away.

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