Financial Reporting Advisory Services

Guidance, support, peace of mind

In recent years, accounting standards have become much more complex, and financial reporting requirements have followed suit. This trend is not going away. Within this context, companies are facing major challenges. Although management understands the importance of high-quality financial information and reporting, they do not always have the time and resources necessary to comply with these requirements. This is why they are turning to our professionals for the support they need. We understand how important it is to receive answers from subject experts in a timely manner.

Our Approach

Staying abreast of the latest developments regarding financial reporting and ensuring you are kept in the loop throughout the entire process is key for us.

Depending on your needs, we can intervene on a timely issue or assist you on projects end-to-end. Our multi-disciplinary teams include experienced professionals specializing in accounting standards (ASPE, IFRS, US GAAP), financial reporting and continuous disclosure requirements under securities regulations (AMF, SEC). Above all, We strive to understand, serve and help our clients.

Our Featured Products

The overhaul of lease accounting: Practical implementation

Given the nature and complexity of the new requirements, organizations will need between 12-24 months to comply with the new standard, which represents substantial time and effort. Richter has developed a robust and comprehensive implementation solution to assist and guide your organization through the transition process.

Optimization of the financial close: Finding the right balance between costs, time and quality

Organizations that struggle to finish their financial close on time are far more likely to make serious mistakes. They do not have enough time for entity-level controls and advanced analysis that could help management understand risks and make decisions more effectively. Richter is proposing a roadmap tailored to your organization to optimize your financial close process.

Getting ready to go public: Towards a compliant, efficient and effective future state

The desire to publicly list your company's shares brings additional complexities to the preparation of your financial reporting package. Allow us to partner with you, your legal counsel and your underwriters in order to direct you through this rigorous process. Richter’s signature approach includes assessing your current situation, providing a diagnostic and preparing you for the future.

Our Services


  • Monitoring and assistance in your implementation of the new accounting standards
  • Analysis of the accounting treatments of complex transactions
  • Technical support when converting financial statements to another basis of accounting and assistance in project management
  • Assistance in accounting manual writing
  • Preparation of training material and training session facilitation

Financial Reporting:

  • Assistance in the structure and content of financial records (financial statements, MD&A, annual report)
  • Preparation of financial records
  • Optimization of the financial close process
  • Translation services

Public Companies:

  • Assistance in preparing to become a public company
  • Assistance and advice on how to prepare a prospectus
  • Assistance in managing relationships with regulators (AMF, SEC)

Litigation Support:

  • Assistance in preparing accounting arguments
  • Production of an accounting expert report for the Court
  • Arbitration 

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