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Investigation & Forensic Accounting

Accounting and financial matters are at the heart of many business disputes. In today’s complex business environment, solid evidence provided by competent financial experts drives the outcome of many of these issues. Whether a dispute results from litigation, mediation, arbitration, or any other mechanism, we can help bring clarity to complex situations.

Richter assists the legal community, corporations, financial institutions, governments, regulatory bodies and individuals by investigating and assessing the financial issues involved in a litigation or commercial crime, and offering sound financial advice to facilitate resolution. We have years of experience representing claimants and defendants; thus, our services can be provided as expert or as critics of other experts’ reports. Among other things, our services are sought for the following:

Litigation Assistance

We apply a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques to analyze the financial impact of an alleged fault and quantify damages. The final independent expert report and testimony highlight key findings and conclusions in a clear and logical manner, providing an accurate assessment of any actual or potential losses. Richter has provided assistance in the following situations, among others:

  • Breach of contracts and contractual dispute;
  • Intellectual property theft;
  • Non-compete clauses and disputes between shareholders / partners;
  • Contracts with government;
  • Product responsibility;
  • Professional negligence in accounting and assurance;
  • Insurance claims for operating loss;
  • Fraud and other economic crimes;
  • Net assets and income calculations regarding matrimonial matters.

Fraud and Financial Investigation

Our fraud and financial investigations are undertaken with a focus on discretion, judgment and timeliness, while protecting the evidence at hand. Our expertise includes detection of the following crimes:

  • Corruption and misappropriation of assets;
  • Financial statement fraud;
  • Bankruptcy fraud;
  • Insurance claim fraud;
  • Contravention of by-laws.

Risk Management Prevention

We also work closely with our clients to develop proactive approaches to fraud prevention, with expertise in the following specialty areas:

  • Risk management and prevention planning (fraud and other);
  • Internal audit;
  • Governance, internal control and compliance;
  • Training and awareness workshops.

Class Action Administration

Our objective is to ensure that the settlement terms or the ruling in the class action suit are effectively implemented and managed. As third-party managers, we make sure that claims are handled according to arrangements and that the calculations and distribution of compensation are consistent with the terms agreed upon in the resolution. We also establish and manage communications with applicants in a centralized manner by way of dedicated websites and call centres.

Insurance Claims

Our team provides accounting expert reports making it possible to analyze and quantify insurable losses following a fire, theft, or other incident. Such events often require the valuation of all or part of a business in the event of a catastrophe.

Evaluation of Accountants’ Professional Negligence

We perform an objective and impartial analysis in order to assess compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards, as well as the fair presentation of financial information.

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Fraud and financial investigations

Fraud and financial investigations

Richter’s fraud and financial investigation work is undertaken with a focus on discretion, judgment and timeliness, while focusing on protecting the evidence at hand.

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