Land Claims Negotiations Services

Comprehensive, Specific & Other Land claims

At Richter, we understand more than just the numbers, we have an understanding of the origins of Aboriginal Land Claims in Canada and the major events in the evolution of Aboriginal Rights and Land Titles in Canada. A Land Claim will often require the expert assessment of a Loss of Use – i.e. the loss stemming from the Aboriginal’s inability to use and profit from the land since their loss of use.

Our expert services

  • Assistance in the land selection process based on monetary values of indicia.
  • Assistance in the development of Terms of Reference for a current unimproved market value appraisal for the Lands.
  • Assistance in the commissioning of appraisals for the Lands.
  • Review of existing (i.e. Proxy Model versus Generic Model) and other conventional models to assess damages from the Loss of Use through appropriate due diligence.
  • Preparation and assistance of historical and economic reports to support the chosen model.
  • Assessment of the historical ability of the Aboriginal community’s ability to save and invest over time.
  • Assisting the Aboriginal community and counsel during negotiations with the Federal and Provincial governments.
When required, preparation of an expert report and expert witness testimony in a tribunal or other adjudicative setting.