Business Continuity Plan

Expect the unexpected

The past decade’s disasters and catastrophes have awakened us to the reality of our society’s vulnerability and how important it is for companies to anticipate and mitigate potential consequences. The mounting threat of terrorist attacks, of a new pandemic and of environmental disasters has prompted many companies to prepare a business continuity plan.

At Richter, we have developed a process that is designed to fit the needs of both private and public corporations wishing to mitigate the impacts of a crisis. At each step of the way, we devise solutions based on your specific needs, notably with respect to a plan’s technological aspects.

Our methodology has been optimized to reduce the involvement of managers, while ensuring the continuity of critical business functions. Our approach, consistent with that of the Disaster Recovery Institute, a globally-recognized organization in the business continuity field, consists of the following steps:

  1. Analyze physical risks to operating sites
    Analyzing the vulnerability of business facilities and of the computer room to recommend risk-mitigating initiatives.
  2. Analyze impacts on the business
    Identifying activities and operations whose non-performance could have impacts on the company’s cash flow, performance and corporate image, or even result in legal action.
  3. Select and implement a strategy
    Once all the risks and requirements have been identified, we determine potential strategies, and proceed to select and implement the optimal solution.
  4. Document continuity and IT recovery plans
    Parallel to this implementation, the business continuity and IT recovery plans must be documented.
  5. Updating and testing continuity plans
    A timeline for updating continuity plans and performing tests must be integrated into the plan’s documentation. At this juncture, an updated plan must be implemented, while test scenarios are being developed, planned and carried out.
Developing specialized plans

Dealing with a pandemic, a business scandal, etc., requires broadening or developing new plans to describe the procedure, as required. Our internal expertise and access to a wide network of specialists make it possible for us to provide management for such projects and to handle much of the implementation of these new plans.

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