Internal Audit

Efficient management process for peace of mind.

In the current business context, when experienced professionals with the right skill set perform an internal audit, the organization can meet high expectations regarding management of the internal audit function.

Internal audit is also an effective management tool which provides added value to your organization, even if this function is not directly linked to client satisfaction.

Richter can help improve the results and the value of the internal audit function so that your organization is able to achieve its objectives and put in place efficient and effective risk management, control and governance processes.

Organizing the internal audit function

Management wants to put in place an internal audit function that is in keeping with the best practices available. The requirements in terms of methodology, technology and human resources have to be determined. We can assess your existing methods and help you select documentation tools.

Developing the internal audit plan

Developing an internal audit plan requires knowledge of the business sector, the risks and the stakeholders involved in the audit process. We can help you gather relevant information and develop a plan that will maximize your resources.

Outsourcing the internal audit function

Once we have developed the internal audit plan and it has been approved by management, we carry out each phase of the work by assigning the experienced resources required which take into account your time and availability constraints.

Performance of specific mandates

Organizations have limited resources. Often, the work to be done requires very specific expertise. Even large organizations may have difficulty retaining specialized resources who are capable of carrying out the work required in the internal audit plan. We can carry out the entire mandate or meet certain specific needs by assigning you resources with the technical expertise that you require. We are flexible and can use your tools and your own methodology.