Estate Planning and Administration

Estates – A Unique Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Our Estates Group offers services in both the pre-mortem and post-mortem context. We assist individuals and families in planning their wills and estates and we assist liquidators and beneficiaries in settling and administering estates. The experience of our Estates Group in both these areas are complementary and allow us to continuously develop better and more practical solutions for you.

The complexities of business, investments and tax laws today means that estate planning and administration requires expertise in accounting, taxation and legal matters. Our unique approach to this challenge is the multi-disciplinary team we have assembled in our Estates Group, which includes chartered professional accountants, lawyers, notaries and estate administrators.

Will and estate planning

The planning of a will is a sensitive matter that mixes family concerns with financial ones. An effective estate plan may also include an incapacity mandate, family trusts or a pre-mortem reorganization of family assets and companies. More complex estates may also benefit from a pre-settlement exercise. Our multi-disciplinary team can assist in the planning and implementation of each one of these important estate planning steps.

Estate settlement and administration

Our team can guide liquidators through the increasingly complex decision-making process they face in administering an estate. Non-resident beneficiaries and investments or assets located outside of the country are just some of the challenges that are skilfully addressed by our team of professionals. The wind-up of investment companies in the context of an estate settlement is another example of where our unique multi-disciplinary approach can produce practical and tax-efficient results.

With a wealth of experience, our team of professionals works with families and liquidators and their other professional advisors to offer comprehensive and strategic advice on the transfer of assets on death and a successful transition of an estate. We have a complete but flexible service offering, designed to provide liquidators and beneficiaries with peace of mind and security.

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