Government Relations

Your preferred intermediary

Our specialized team is your preferred partner for working effectively with government authorities. In order to foster a shared understanding of government rules and the environment of businesses and entrepreneurs, our specialists work closely, at many levels, with federal and provincial government authorities as well as authorities with foreign governments. We improve communication between government authorities and taxpayers, and allow taxpayers to profit from best practices.

Maximize the efficiency of tax audits 

Our team applies a structured, collaborative approach during audits by tax authorities. We have tools that delineate the audit scope while fostering an efficient exchange of information between you and the tax auditor. The tools we have developed facilitate audit processes and help identify specifically how much progress has been made. By ensuring that information is shared and discussed in a timely manner, we help you avoid unnecessary disagreements and costly delays.

Our team can help you manage your audits and oversee the implementation of a method tailored to your particular situation in order to minimize the resources committed to these audits.

Concrete involvement with tax authorities

Our team participates in the consultations organized by tax authorities and helps identify tax issues. We propose solutions for simplifying your obligations with respect to observation and for improving the services provided by tax authorities.

We have a fully realized commitment to improving tax administration:

  • We sit on the government liaison committee of the APFF (Association de planification fiscales et financières) and are a founding member;
  • We participate in public consultations organized by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development);
  • We submit comments and position papers during many public consultations;
  • We identify worthwhile technical legislative amendments, some of which have become part of current legislation;
  • We participate in the federal and provincial Red Tape Reduction Commission.

Government assistance: selecting the most appropriate programs

Since each level of government offers a range of financial assistance programs that are closely linked to government policy, our team can help you identify which programs best meet your needs, and help you make informed choices.

Our firm takes a practical approach and acts as a true tax department that is integrated into your business. Our professionals are your preferred partners for establishing harmonious and constructive relationships with each level of government.