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Vice President | Ph.D., MBA

Sudharshan Sathiyamoorthy

Sudharshan Sathiyamoorthy

Diligent, intelligent, inquisitive.

Approachable and insightful, Sudharshan Sathiyamoorthy brings an incredible academic pedigree and a wealth of practical due diligence experience to Richter Family Office.

After studying meteorology at MIT, and then doing a Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Toronto, Sudharshan began his career in academia at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the U.S. Opting for a career change, he obtained his MBA, worked at an investment bank, then at a prominent fund of hedge funds, and then at Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. To satisfy an entrepreneurial itch, Sudharshan then joined a start-up asset management firm to build out their manager selection platform, prior to joining Richter Family Office. Throughout his career, Sudharshan has held increasing levels of senior roles, leading the search, approval, and monitoring process for alternative investment managers.

Sudharshan has experience evaluating and allocating to a range of strategies, including activism, macro strategies, multi-strategy funds, reinsurance, trade finance, commodity strategies, and even Australian water rights!

Sudharshan heads up the external manager due diligence effort for Richter Family Office, and is also the Head of Research of the Investment Committee. His non-traditional background, academic experience, and institutional work experience brings rigor and structure to RFO’s manager research function, and aids in subjecting managers to a high level of scrutiny and due diligence before such opportunities are presented to clients.

Extremely intelligent, curious and reliable, Sudharshan backs up his formidable intellect with a friendly, open attitude that makes interaction with him a real pleasure.

Fields of expertise

  • Manager due diligence
  • Traditional and alternative investment strategies
  • Negotiating terms and access to investment opportunities

Academic Background

  • MBA (Dean’s Honour List), University of Western Ontario, 2006
  • Ph.D., Atmospheric Physics, University of Toronto, 2003
  • Graduate Courses in Meteorology, MIT, 1995
  • B.Sc., Math and Physics (High Distinction), University of Toronto, 1993

Public Recognition

  • Quoted in “Five family-office execs and what they’re investing in now”, Canadian Family Offices,  September 2021.


*Richter Family Office is a registered trade name. The Richter Family Office group is comprised of Richter LLP and its subsidiary,
RFO Capital Inc., a registered portfolio manager. Richter LLP is an independent firm that provides family office, accounting, tax and business consulting services, with wealth, investment advisory, portfolio management and consolidated wealth reporting services provided via RFO Capital Inc.

Sudharshan’s expertise

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