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How can I get a clearer picture of my investment portfolio?

Danny Ritter

Quote of the day

'' None of us can control every aspect of our life. But for the ones we can, it’s helpful to have someone on our side who helps us see the big picture and has our best interests at heart. When it comes to your business objectives and your family’s wellbeing and financial security, Richter is that someone. ''
Danny Ritter CPA, CA, CFA
Partner, Portfolio Manager

Your goal

“My portfolio has become too complicated. How can I get a clearer picture of where I’m going and ensure I’m accessing and incorporating the best investment strategies out there?”

My investment affairs are complicated and to be honest, I don’t really understand how they’re performing as a whole. In addition to having a better grasp on where I’m at with my investments, I also want to explore new investment opportunities, while understanding their impact from a tax perspective. I also want to ensure that my family receives professional advice so that they can continue to afford the lifestyle that this wealth has allowed us.

How we can help

With great wealth comes great responsibility; not only to your family, but to your own personal values. There are so many investment solutions* out there and you want to seize the right opportunities, but sometimes golden opportunities can be too good to be true. How can you judge whether  an investment strategy or real estate proposal will provide an adequate after-tax return? How do you know your advisors aren’t just selling you something in the firm’s inventory? How do you ensure your family’s lifestyle can be maintained?

We’re here to help you. Our independent approach makes your interests our sole focus. What makes Richter Family Office unique in the investment community is that there are no conflicts of interest, since we don’t have any in-house investment solutions. Our business has an open architecture approach that focuses on finding the best strategies for your particular financial goals. We will never try to sell you something that doesn’t serve your financial needs or those of your family.

We craft a customized portfolio based on your aspirations and objectives, then quarterback its implementation. We operate in an open architecture model, so you don’t have to liquidate existing investments before you start working with us. Our investment research professionals have access to investment solutions from around the world, which we vet from investment, risk, and tax perspectives, before we recommend them to you.

Under our umbrella of services, our professionals can also assist you with everything from estate planning to business succession, to ensure your family’s future and legacy are secure.

We offer you peace of mind that your money is working optimally for you, after you’ve worked so hard for it.



*Richter Family Office is a registered trade name. The Richter Family Office group is comprised of Richter LLP and its subsidiary,
RFO Capital Inc., a registered portfolio manager. Richter LLP is an independent firm that provides family office, accounting, tax and business consulting services, with wealth, investment advisory, portfolio management and consolidated wealth reporting services provided via RFO Capital Inc.