A 360º view for your peace of mind. With more wealth comes more complexity… it’s as true as it is overwhelming.

The time spent on managing your advisors – legal, financial, corporate, and personal – to ensure that every aspect of your life is handled in the most efficient way is exhausting and time consuming. Being the only person in-the-know is a huge burden to carry. You need a system that you trust inherently; a place where details are kept up to date; stored securely; and accessible to those in your inner circle at the touch of a button. That’s why we created the Richter App, a virtual Family Office that cuts through the complexity and consolidates all your information in one, secure place.

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It is accessible. Searching in multiple places for the right information is time consuming. Reaching out to several parties and advisors to find the right, most up-to-date documentation: even more so. Having access to all your financial information with one click, whenever and wherever, saves you time and worry. The Richter App enables you to see all the needed details and general overviews of your financial affairs all in one place: on your smartphone and tablet.

It provides clarity. By consolidating key financial information, detailed documentation, and reporting capabilities right at your fingertips, the Richter App clarifies corporate and personal structures in real time.

It is secure. We understand the importance of keeping your family’s data secure. The Richter App is a virtual vault that keeps all your key documents in one secure place.

It is collaborative. Shared among your trusted advisors and family members, the platform ensures everyone stays in-the-know, on what-they-need-to-know, and for when-they-need-to-know-it.

It is your safety net. It can be daunting to think of hard times and losses. But it is always in the best interest of your family to be prepared. Should something happen, the platform carries all the necessary details, updates, and relationships on key documentation, including shareholder agreements, investment portfolios and will and estate plans, giving peace of mind to your family when you pass on.

Less time worrying, more time enjoying life.

The Richter App brings added value to your busy lifestyle, simply because it is tailored to your needs. The features of the Richter App allow for the consolidation of your family’s information, the monitoring of cashflow in real time, the alignment of your family’s values with preferred investment strategies and, best of all, access to the best resources and advisors at your fingertips.


Dynamic organizational charts and family structures – this feature lists each corporate or personal entity and shows how they are all connected under the family umbrella. Click on an entity or an individual to display their unique “DNA page”, containing key financial information, tax attributes, net worth, and operations and planning information. Being dynamic, these charts can be updated at any time, in real time.
Dashboards and key performance indicators – for a 360-degree financial view of your current situation, the dashboard houses consolidated net worth, currency allocation, asset mix, assets held by investment companies, capital commitment schedules, and more. This information can be used to make better strategic financial decisions and identify tax planning opportunities.
A secure virtual vault – too many papers, not being able to identify what to keep and not knowing where to store everything … we know it’s a challenge. The digital vault feature removes the stress of document management, storage, and transparency. Documents are kept in one secure place and can be accessed by you at anytime, anywhere.
Financial calendar for peace of mind – never miss another deadline with the personalized calendar feature; schedule meetings and invite stakeholders, right from the app.

The Richter App: an integral part of our Family Office suite of services.

The creation of the Richter App was a natural continuity of our suite of Family Office services. Our approach demands independence – this permits us the technical knowledge to work across the full spectrum of a family’s existing advisor network, access and gain insight into best-in-class solutions and leverage our expertise to identify gaps and opportunities that can bring clarity and efficiency to your financial picture. Keeping this in mind, the Richter App allows us to offer a holistic approach and tailored-made solutions to meet your family’s needs. With our expertise coupled with secure technology and streamlined processes for added clarity, you can make the most of the Richter App, a virtual Family Office with a 360º view for your peace of mind.

With better transparency and a clear communication channel for family members and advisors, this virtual Family Office removes the administrative burden that can cloud your calendar and cause unnecessary worry. Giving you a higher sense of security enables you the freedom to do exactly what your financial situation has afforded you. Using the Richter App can bring you peace of mind, no matter which way you look at it. And that view? Priceless.

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