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Managing my personal finances is overwhelming – is there an easier way?.

Families of significant means face unique challenges when it comes to the management of their daily finances and financial roadmaps

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A family member and I are in conflict, how can we resolve our situation peacefully?.

As business owners, entrepreneurs or philanthropists, you have faced countless challenges in a professional setting. But when it comes to family, rationale can easily fly out the window.

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How do I educate and engage my (grand)children in the business?.

Ensuring that your children and grandchildren are engaged and ready with technical and financial skills to build a heritage that will endure is crucial.

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Help! I’m managing through a crisis, what’s my first step?.

Managing a crisis may not a be skill set many companies are comfortable with, nor understand how to implement – we are here to help.

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I’m caught up in a business dispute. How should I handle it?.

Your goal It’s been keeping me awake at night, and I don’t know where to begin.  A client has terminated our contract prior to the expiry date.  I purchased all of this inventory to service the contract and now I am stuck. What’s the quickest and most effective way to resolve this? How can I […]

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My business is in distress. What’s my next move?.

When it comes to a business in distress, as tempting as it may be to ignore, the problem won’t fix itself.

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What can I do to optimize my investments?.

It may not be obvious, but investment decisions can come with a lot of emotional considerations, so trust and understanding are always the foundations from which we work.

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How can I ensure my philanthropy will have maximum impact?.

While contributing to charitable causes makes us feel good, the process of allocating donations can sometimes be complex and sensitive – especially when there are so many worthy causes.

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If I pass away unexpectedly, what happens to my money and family?.

Mortality is the most emotional of topics, but as a business owner, it’s also one of the most crucial ones to address.

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How can I get a clearer picture of my investment portfolio?.

There are so many investment solutions out there and you want to seize the right opportunities, but sometimes golden opportunities can be too good to be true.

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Am I paying the right amount of tax? It seems like a lot..

Where and how you invest your money is one thing, but how those investments are structured, whether held personally or corporately will also have an impact on how much tax you pay.

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Help! My business fell victim to a cyber-attack! What do I do?.

This is every company’s worst nightmare and it’s happening more and more every day, with increasing sophistication and maliciousness.

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How can I protect my business against hackers?.

We can’t guarantee you won’t suffer a cyber-attack—but we can guarantee that we’ll put all of our expertise into making sure you’re prepared for when one does hit.

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How can I find growth opportunities for my business?.

When you’re ready to grow your business, one of the most valuable assets you can have is an objective and experienced partner who has your best interests at heart.

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I’m looking to make an acquisition. What’s a smart first step?.

For value creation, faster scaling, acquiring complementary skills or technology, diversifying your activities,or perhaps penetrating a new market, acquisitions can be exciting.

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I want to sell my business. Where do I start?.

Selling a business isn’t an overnight process, in some cases, it can actually take years to implement fully.

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A change in shareholders is coming. How can I make this easier?.

They say there’s strength in numbers. Partnering can be a great experience, but that’s not to say there won’t be bumps in the road.

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How can I be sure we’re ready for our government audit?.

An audit can have major consequences on your finances, the viability of your business and ultimately, your ability to provide for your family.

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How do I prepare to make my company public?.

Ready to take your business public? Congratulations! But before the celebrating starts, there’s a lot of work to be done and many different players to be implicated.

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