Anastasia Lambrinos

Vice President | CPA, CBV Write to Anastasia Lambrinos


Anastasia seamlessly blends her analytical prowess, strategic mindset, and meticulous attention to detail  to cultivate deep-rooted trust with her clients, offering customized solutions that are in sync with their distinct financial ambitions. As a seasoned expert, she draws upon her robust background in audit, due diligence, and transaction services to provide a solid foundation for her expert understanding of complex financial systems.

In her current role, Anastasia manages high-net-worth clients with multifaceted structures, maintaining a bird’s-eye view to preemptively address the interconnected effects throughout their entire financial portfolio. Her adeptness in navigating the intricacies of assets spread across various jurisdictions for internationally situated clients further exemplifies her expertise.

Anastasia is not only passionate about her clients’ success but also strategically empathetic, enabling her to foresee and align with their future objectives. Her attentive nature ensures a meticulous and comprehensive approach to financial strategies. These attributes complement her technical expertise, positioning her as a key player in wealth management and a highly valued consultant among her clients. She embodies the intersection of emotional intelligence and financial acumen and is an invaluable asset to her clients and team alike.


  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Cash flow optimization
  • Strategic tax planning


  • Chartered Business Valuator Program, York University, 2019
  • Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting, McGill University, 2013