Business Strategy & Strategic Growth

Richter’s team of experienced strategy practitioners are here to help business owners and executives solve their toughest problems. We help organizations craft their business strategy, whether for the first time or in response to material changes in their operating environment (e.g., new management, regulatory changes, competitive pressures, or other market dynamics). Our growth strategy offering provides a structured, independent and unbiased approach to identify and validate sustainable strategic growth opportunities. Our expertise includes M&A advisory to link your growth strategy to inorganic opportunities; we work closely with other Richter transaction advisory professionals to execute the deal strategy and support value creation opportunities. We pride ourselves on our bespoke solutions that are rooted in rigorous research and analysis to ensure they are defensible to stakeholders and reflect the uniqueness of your organization. Our collaborative approach emphasizes pragmatism and executability – we are here to help you navigate implementation so that you are not left wondering “now what?”.

Strategic Planning

We codify the guiding direction for your organization to effectively allocate resources and unite stakeholders behind a common vision. We leverage data-driven decision-making to define / refine your operating domains and prioritize key initiatives.

To achieve your organizational goals, business owners and management teams need to have a well-defined strategy, but let’s be honest: when was the last time you reviewed your strategic plan?

Richter’s structured discovery process helps business owners and executives consider different options and possibilities to achieve their organizational ambitions. Our objective is to provide a thoughtful and objective assessment of your position, help the leadership team unify around a strategic vision, and succinctly articulate the future direction as well as outline the required strategic enablers.

Our approach is comprehensive to ensure that clients have considered a range of possibilities based upon internal organizational and external market facts to help set and achieve their corporate ambitions. This enables owners and executives to be confident that all options are fully explored before coalescing around a set of decisions for where to play, and where to not.

Every business has different needs, which is why we take care to develop unique strategies for our clients, placing pragmatism and execution feasibility at the heart of every strategic plan. When complete, you and your team will have an actionable and agile plan to guide the organization into the future.

Growth & Market Entry Strategy

We help turn growth aspirations into reality. We develop robust and executable plans that reflect the convergence of external market facts and your internal capabilities.

Corporate growth must be both strategic and efficient for owners and executives to achieve their expansion goals. You want to be confident in your decision-making processes to strategically optimize your business and establish a foundation for continued success.

Our Richter professionals have the expertise and market know-how to conduct detailed research and analysis and develop custom growth / market entry strategies. Whether you think you know how and where you want to grow, or simply have a growth objective or capital to deploy without a defined plan, our team will evaluate future opportunities through an independent and objective assessment before developing a cohesive and executable plan to advance the business.

Our fact-based process will thoroughly analyze and vet a spectrum of strategic options against your stated goals and objectives, particularly to understand the nuanced implications at each decision point as well as ensure alignment with your existing strategic plan. With our collaborative and facilitated process we make sure to transfer knowledge to your management team so that they can own the final deliverable and implementation.

Commercial Due Diligence

We evaluate the commercial dimensions of transactions to inform investment decisions, de-risk deals and support enhanced deal value so that buyers can be confident in the deal thesis and value creation opportunity.

Due diligence is a critical step to validate the right opportunity, refine the deal structure and establish a confident foundation to realize deal value. Given the increasing complexity of market dynamics and competitive landscapes, shouldn’t due diligence extend beyond the traditional focus on company financials?

Richter’s commercial team combines deep strategy and transactions experience to help corporate buyers and private equity inform investment decisions across a broad lens of commercial dimensions. We leverage robust market research and company analysis to stress-test business model assumptions and identify critical pre-deal considerations to support value creation.

Richter’s approach to commercial due diligence helps clients address key deal questions, such as:

  • What are the evolving market conditions? What is the market outlook?
  • How does the target’s value proposition address customer needs?
  • How sustainable / defensible is the target’s competitive differentiation?
  • How reasonable are the target’s commercial assumptions? How do they reflect market realities?
  • How can commercial synergies be realized to further enhance deal value?
  • How should commercial risks be mitigated? What needs must be addressed pre-close?
  • How can strategic initiatives be identified and prioritized to ensure post-deal value creation?

Our offering is rooted in independence and bringing forward trusted and objective insights. We are here to instill confidence, support high-value transactions and create an actionable path forward to realize deal objectives and ensure value creation.

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