Fraud Risk Management

If it does happen to you, the best thing you can do is to bring in a team of professionals that will help you face the situation head-on.

Fraud can be committed in a variety of ways: corruption;  misappropriation of assets; misleading or falsified financial statements; reviewable transactions in a bankruptcy; falsified insurance claims; you get the picture…

Dealing with any type of fraud can be complicated and time-consuming and will distract you from running your business. Fraud and its aftermath can have a negative impact on your reputation, company morale and your bottom line.

Our fraud and financial investigation mandates are executed with discretion, sound judgment and in a timely manner.  Our investigation strategies and analysis will identify whether a fraud has occurred. Working with your legal advisors, we will gather evidence and assist in interviews and examinations of the relevant parties. If required, we can assist in executing an Anton Piller order. Our methodical and targeted approach will determine how the fraud was perpetrated and will quantify the losses incurred, while working with you and your legal team to determine appropriate remedies to be taken.

We hope it never happens to you. But if you suspect that a fraud has occurred, you can trust our team of specialists to find the answers that will protect you and your company and let you get back to running your business.

Areas of Expertise in Fraud Risk Management

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