A holistic suite of services delivered by highly integrated and strategic advisors who focus on value creation and providing guidance on critical business challenges and business strategies.

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Your business isn’t one-dimensional. Its success depends on a multitude of factors, both within and beyond your control. Our team of advisory experts rely on their diverse skills and backgrounds to assess complex situations and design tailored solutions that will perfectly suit your specific needs. Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive and practical way of supporting our clients. For every decision and consideration, you can rely on Richter’s strategic customized approach.

Areas of expertise

From one niche expertise to our full suite of services, our work is all-encompassing and ensures key stakeholders are at the centre of every decision.

Business Strategy & Strategic Growth

Helping business owners and executives solve their toughest problems. We help craft business strategies and explore sustainable strategic growth opportunities through a structured, independent and unbiased approach.

Transaction Advisory Services

Considerations around transactions – buying, selling, expanding or restructuring – are major considerations, and oftentimes more questions arise after making your initiative decision to buy (or sell, or expand, or restructure…)


Life is full of uncertainties. Taxes don’t have to be one of them. Inadequate tax planning or improper handling of tax issues can result in major financial consequences and restrict your company’s growth.

Audit and Assurance Services

To know where you’re going, it’s important to know where you’ve been. Audits and professional assurance services gives you a clear picture of your business’s current performance.

Transition and Succession Planning

For business owners, the business itself is the ultimate investment. It’s often all in, and the way to retire happily ever after. But what if “ever after” comes before you’re happily prepared?


Your company’s worst nightmare: a cyberattack paralyzes servers, puts confidential information and finances at risk, and threatens to compromise client data. How do you overcome it? Better yet, how can you avoid this?

Crisis Management & Restructuring

When a potential risk becomes a real risk, a company and its stakeholders, with varying motivations and interests, often need to navigate a complex web of decisions.

Risk Management Advisory

With change happening at an increasing pace, your company must innovate, adapt to better connect to your customers and suppliers, and streamline internal processes to grow with confidence.

Business Valuation

How much is your business worth? At what price could it be sold? What percentage should you give up to bring in new investors? Is the purchase worth the price tag?

Litigation Support and Dispute Resolution

Complex matters involving serious disputes is a major distraction to your business and could cost you (potentially) millions of dollars in lost profits.

Fraud Risk Management

You don’t want to think it can happen to you. You want to believe you can trust your employees, colleagues, clients and suppliers. But sometimes it’s something a business owner has to face: Fraud.

First Nations and Indigenous Advisory

Issues such as land claims and resource development projects are crucial yet delicate matters that impact First Nations and Indigenous communities and need careful navigation with various stakeholders.

Human Capital Services

Human capital is one of the cornerstones of an organization’s success, and employees are one of the most essential sources for generating added value.

Real Estate Advisory

As real estate investments are capital intensive and long-term, you need to ensure you’re well-informed and confident in your plans, whether for the business or for your own portfolio.

Digital Transformation

Like it or not, in today’s rapidly shifting marketplace, if a business wants to stay competitive it not only has to “go” digital, it has to “be” digital.


Behind every successful business, there are owners and their families who have unique needs and aspirations.

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