Crisis Management & Restructuring

Every organization is faced with challenges that can make them vulnerable to crises. When a potential risk becomes a real risk, a company and its stakeholders, all with varying motivations and interests, need to navigate a complex web of decisions. It’s a delicate process that requires clear and objective decision-making by a brand that is trusted in the marketplace.

A crisis is an unexpected and disruptive event that financially impacts not only a company but its stakeholders, including its board of directors, lenders, suppliers, and employees, among others. Situations can range from readily identifiable risks such as the loss of a major customer, bankruptcies or the impact of litigation, to unforeseen risks such as the impact of global market events or changes in regulations.

Richter has 95+ years of trusted experience in responding to virtually every type of situation. Designing strategies to deal with a sudden and significant event is our expertise. Richter works side by side with companies and stakeholders to assist them in preparing for potential drastic changes in business, helping them navigate the road ahead by helping to properly understand how to minimize damages, manage the crisis and mitigate risks.

We’ve applied our decades of experience and a tailored, proven process to lead companies through some of Canada’s most significant crisis events and restructurings. Scenarios that Richter has assisted in include:

  • Acting as a restructuring advisor to a company and/or a board of directors in their discussions with lenders or other key stakeholders
  • Acting as Monitor, Trustee or Receiver in formal, court-supervised restructurings
  • Advising lenders and working with companies on implementing out-of-court restructuring initiatives
  • Performing in-depth financial analyses, including cash flow modeling, short- and long-term business plans, to guide companies and their stakeholders to the right solution
  • Acting as an objective third party in a shareholder dispute and leading the parties to a solution that benefits the company and its stakeholders
  • Advising regulatory authorities in their investigation and compliance functions, or supporting and advising companies being investigated by regulatory authorities
  • Helping companies and boards of directors understand their preparedness for a crisis event and helping them design strategies and responses in the event that such a crisis was to unfold
  • Leading sales and/or investor solicitation processes for companies looking to divest of non-core assets
  • Advising strategics, private equity and hedge funds on distressed M&A
  • Acting as an expert witness

Whatever business challenge or crisis you are facing, we’re in it together. And together, we’ll create the solution.

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