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Wealth Transition Stage

Transferring Family Values for Intergenerational Success

Richter News

Press Release | Richter acted as exclusive seller and tax advisor to Cerco Cable

Wealth Transition Stage

Wealth transition and intergenerational success

Richter News

Press Release | Richter acted exclusive seller and tax advisor to Rubino Shoes Inc.

Richter acted as exclusive seller and tax advisor to Rubino Shoes Inc., a leading footwear retailer of branded products to families across Quebec, in the context of the acquisition of Rubino Shoes Inc. by Designer Brands Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Designer Brands Inc., one of the world’s largest designers, producers and retailers of branded footwear and accessories.

Wealth Transition Stage

Insights from “How to preserve legacy and family unity in business wealth transitions” GLOBE AND MAIL X RICHTER WEBINAR

Wealth Creation Stage

Great Power Competition: Resurgence and Implications

Richter hosted an insightful discussion between Dr. Matt Gertken, PhD, Chief Strategist, Geopolitical Strategy and U.S. Political Strategy at BCA Research, and Tony Keller, Columnist at The Globe and Mail, to deep dive into the resurgences and implications of great power competition. Here are some of the highlights of their conversation.

Optimizing Your Business

Building in the Digital Age

While questions remain about the capabilities and possible ramifications of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, etc., there are ample opportunities to embrace existing technologies that are already established and available in order to enhance real estate development projects, maintenance and operations, and timely access to information to drive informed decisions.

Optimizing Your Business | Selling and Acquiring a Business

Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence is part of Richter’s suite of integrated transaction advisory services, helping buyers validate their investment hypothesis and understand the attractiveness of a business. Commercial Due Diligence supplements a buyer’s Financial Due Diligence (“FDD”, or Quality of Earnings) to ensure a Target’s outlook is supported by structural market attractiveness, a means of competitive differentiation, and realistic business model assumptions.

Wealth Creation Stage


In the recent “Wealth Creation for Business Owners: Tactics for building a cohesive, long-term strategy” webinar, in collaboration with The Globe and Mail, our managing partner Tasso Lagios shared pivotal insights with the panel of experts.