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Bill S-211: Updated Guidance Relating to the Application of the Act

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Managing Your Wealth | Navigating Family Dynamics

The Post-Liquidity Mental Shift

Diversification | Optimizing Your Business

How to manage your family enterprise like a successful business | GLOBE AND MAIL X RICHTER

Diversification | Navigating Family Dynamics

Family Governance: Small Steps to Shared Understandings

A sound governance practice is crucial for high-net-worth families, to ensure every family member has a voice and pressing issues aren’t ‘swept under the rug’ or ignored until they become huge problems that simply can’t be ignored any longer.

Diversification | Navigating Family Dynamics

What Exactly is, ‘Governance’?

The term ‘Governance’ may be an overused, vague phrase, but what it really means is developing a shared understanding in order to communicate effectively and establish a decision-making process that is understood by all family members.

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Alana Geller quoted in Pivot Magazine

CPAs have long provided financial guidance and expert solutions to their clients. But now many are being asked to navigate a tricky landscape of emotions, family issues and personality clashes, which means drawing on—or learning—an entirely new way of solving problems.

Managing Your Wealth

Wealth Creation

Discover comprehensive family office solutions with Richter: specialized in wealth creation, estate and tax planning, and family governance for high-net-worth families. Our expert team provides tailored financial planning, wealth management, CFO services, and more to safeguard your legacy and prepare for intergenerational success.

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