Keeping Your Family Safe

Keeping your family safe is always a priority. From insurance advisory to cyber-risk intelligence, we can help keep you and yours safe and secure.

Insurance Advisory

Life insurance can be an important investment strategy for families to provide liquidity at death or for philanthropic objectives. Just as Richter Family Office seeks out best-in-class investment managers, we can guide you through the decision as to whether life insurance is appropriate for you and your situation; and if so, what amount and what type of insurance best suits your needs. We can work with your current insurance broker or we can refer someone to you.

No one likes to think about the repercussions of death on their families but having a robust life insurance plan can ensure peace of mind for you and for your those closest to you. It’s also a good way to make sure your loved ones are protected in the unfortunate event of a death. Every family is unique, we work closely with you to find a solution that will fit your situation and your needs.


Cybersecurity & Risk Assessment

Families and individuals of significant means are increasingly the target of cyber-crime and identity theft. Richter’s cybersecurity advisory provides families with a holistic understanding of the environments within which they operate and provides assessments that can help address potential unforeseen cybersecurity risks.

Complemented by core risk and technology offerings, Richter is uniquely positioned to assess vulnerabilities to family members and advise on best practices to help minimize security breaches and risks associated with a family’s cyber footprint.

Richter’s cybersecurity advisory enables private sector executives and individuals of significant wealth a competitive edge through timely, accurate, and actionable information. Our cybersecurity advisory services include: Intelligence advisory, executive brand protection, and an array of enterprise security offerings allows our clients the opportunity to improve their security posture while gaining a unique and holistic understanding of the business and security environments in which they operate.

Our white-glove cybersecurity advisory services are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs, allowing them to direct their limited resources to the most important issues, in the most cost-efficient way. Complemented by core risk and technology advisory offerings, Richter is uniquely positioned to assess vulnerabilities to personnel, systems, facilities, communications, and reputation. An informed strategy can mitigate emerging risks to personal and corporate security and help you seize timely opportunities across local and international markets.

Cybersecurity risks continue to impact individuals and high-profile families.  Richter offers customized approach to apply smart enterprise-level security to individuals.

Build Security Baseline

  • Assess security configuration on end-points and address weak-points
  • Implement baseline security protection for devices (including anti-virus, anti-malware)
  • Conduct review of dark web exposure and provide recommendations
  • Review social media profiles and provide recommendations to improve privacy

On-going Monitoring

  • Monitor individual email addresses for compromise
  • Provide platform to monitor home network, including:
    • New device approval (including IoT devices)
    • Disconnect unwanted device
    • Parental control (YouTube, content filter)
    • Malicious website and file blocking

Cybersecurity Concierge Services

  • One-stop shop guidance and on-going education to improve security
  • Harden new devices purchased by family members using enterprise level software
  • Wipe sensitive information from old devices
  • Launch security awareness training & phishing exercises
  • Assist with security set-up, such as multi-factor authentication and stolen device recovery
  • Provide advisory on risks for foreign travel, use of newly emerged applications, and data breaches
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