Transition and Succession Planning

For business owners, the business itself is the ultimate investment. It’s often all in, and the right way to retire happily ever after. But what if “ever after” comes before you’re happily prepared?

The most significant moment of evolution in the lifecycle of a business is in the transfer of ownership. While these transfers are usually well planned, sometimes they’re brought on by unexpected circumstances, like death or disability. Whether planned or otherwise, a smooth and successful transition plan that maximizes a business’s value is the ultimate goal.

Are you transferring the family business to the next generation? Selling your company to your management team or employees, or perhaps to a third party? Have circumstances in your life suddenly changed, requiring a transfer of ownership? Are you wondering how to start building a transition plan?

Whatever your circumstances, taking the proper measures now will help ensure a successful transition when the situation arises. It might seem like it’s too early to start thinking about your exit strategy, but acquisitions, mergers and other types of liquidity events can take up to five years and more. Comprehensive transition planning – early on – means less stress throughout the process and the greater likelihood of an optimal outcome for the new ownership team.

If you’re not sure what steps you should be taking, or even what the first step is, we can help. With the insight that your business is distinct and your circumstances are unique, our specialized team of business advisors creates clear and comprehensive plans that help you navigate:

Armed with our team’s objective assessment and courses of action to consider, you’ll be better able to make informed, strategic decisions to protect your company’s value, family’s future, and maximize your ultimate investment – happily ever after.

What’s your next step? 

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