Preparing Your Next Generation – Financial Literacy Program

Many business owners and families of significant means work hard to prepare their businesses for their next generation. A crucial aspect of that process, often overlooked, focuses on preparing the next generation for the business and the first step is financial literacy.

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The best way to ensure a seamless transition to the next generation is to educate and engage your family as early as possible. Make sure your family is ready for the next step by ensuring they have all the tools and knowledge to build a family heritage that will endure.

  • How do I pass down not only my wealth but, more importantly, my values to the next generation?
  • How can I encourage my children to create their own wealth?
  • How can I interest them in investments and tax concepts?
  • How can I impart to the next generation the importance of philanthropy?

The quantity of knowledge to pass-down can seem daunting at first. That’s why we’ve created Richter’s Financial Literacy Program, a tailored solution to help you prepare your next generation for the family enterprise and for all the challenges, issues and opportunities that come with it.

The first step for the next generation

We understand that each individual is unique. Which is why the program is curated to enable participants to learn at their own pace and in their own setting. Richter’s Financial Literacy Program offers a highly customizable way to educate the members of your family, to get them involved with and excited about your family enterprise. The online format provides a flexible and tailored learning experience with easy access to our finest resources, experts, and bespoke modules.

Each family is unique. As is Richter’s Financial Literacy Program.


Richter Financial Literacy Program: a highly customized program; alignment with your family's goals and values; ten available modules; dashboard and financial overview reports; partner guest speakers; tailored content.

A proactive approach available through e-learning

Each educational module brings awareness to the responsibilities of managing a family enterprise. Through each, we commit to addressing what matters to you and your family; effectively providing your family members with the information needed to inspire them to join the family enterprise.

The program aligns with your family’s reality and schedule and is adapted to the knowledge level of the participants. At the end of the program, members of the family are invited to create their own dashboards and financial overview reports.

Ten modules walk participants through strategic areas, including:

  • Kick Off Meeting – to assess your needs and objectives
  • Key Financial Concepts and Budget
  • Wealth Management
  • Key Legal Concepts
  • Key Tax Concepts
  • Life insurance and Risk Management
  • Technology and Cybersecurity
  • Philanthropy
  • Governance and Family Legacy
  • Cashflow and Business Valuation

Richter expertise

We believe that the best approach to learning is one that provides in-depth knowledge tailored to your needs. Our Richter partners and professionals are guest speakers in this program. They are experts in their field, each with years of advisory experience in unique areas. Richter’s Financial Literacy Program is designed so family members can learn from their expertise in a strict non-solicitation environment.

Committed to your success

Richter has been committed to assisting entrepreneurs for over nine decades. We have refined our approach and expertise when working with families and individuals of significant means through the years and stand by the high-quality services we provide. We are proud of the legacy that the generations before us have created. We know that your family enterprise means the same to you and that you are seeking to build a heritage that will endure.

Let our dedicated team of professionals put their passion and experience to work for you and your family. Our Richter team is here to provide the finest resources and a comprehensive learning experience to prepare your next generation for the business, so you can focus on preparing your business for the next generation without worry.

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