Andrea Musailowski

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Andrea Musailowski


With nearly 25 years of professional experience, Andrea has been a driving force behind various transformational talent solutions, focusing on the convergence of business growth and career development. Her career journey is marked by a transformational, results-oriented approach, complemented by her empathetic listening skills. Andrea has been instrumental in devising talent acquisition, retention, and development strategies across diverse sectors, nurturing positive and high-performing cultures.

As the leader of Richter’s Talent & Culture division, Andrea ensures that all employees receive exceptional talent support to sustain ongoing success. Her expertise lies in tailoring talent acquisition, retention, and development strategies to Richter’s specific needs. Andrea’s strategic guidance and hands-on approach contribute significantly to fostering a positive and high-performing culture within Richter.

Andrea’s exceptional communication skills and empathetic nature foster strong relationships with both colleagues and prospective team members, facilitating effective collaboration and problem-solving. Her unwavering dedication and passion for talent development drive her to exceed expectations, ensuring that Richter’s talent initiatives produce meaningful outcomes. Andrea’s combination of technical expertise and soft skills positions her as a valuable asset in Richter’s pursuit of excellence within the Talent & Culture division and beyond.


  • Learning & Development
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Transformational Talent Solutions
  • Strategic Communication
  • Leadership Development


  • Professional Services
  • Human Resources
  • Technology