Harvey Sands

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Dedicated, compassionate, experienced.

Having provided business, governance and economic development advisory services for over two decades, Harvey is an experienced consultant and a respected leader in the fields of real estate and Indigenous advisory.

Harvey’s practice includes representation of, and counsel to Indigenous and First Nations groups in Impact and Benefit Agreements (IBA) financial participation; negotiations and entitlements; business valuation; due diligence; investment; and joint venture negotiations and structuring. He consults with Indigenous and First Nations’ clients focusing on financial analysis and valuation of resource development projects, financial project participation and economic benefit matters, capacity building, governance of land claim and resource revenue sharing proceeds, benefits and capital resources, economic development and various capital deployment and investment matters including real estate development project planning, and valuations in Land Claim financial negotiations and dispute resolution matters.

Harvey also provides business advisory and assurance services to a diverse entrepreneurial clientele in the real estate industry, including the lodging and hospitality sectors.

Harvey and Richter’s real estate group have acted for domestic and foreign investors in condominium and hotel development projects, aligning financial requirements and structures with the needs and requirements of international lenders and investors. In the last several years Harvey has also represented a number of major U.S., European and Middle Eastern-based investors, including U.S. and foreign REITS and family offices. Harvey guides clients and investors in transaction architecture, negotiation and execution, as well as in real estate investment and public-private partnership (P3) projects. He has been involved in the organization of numerous ownership and development joint ventures, as well as in domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, representing purchasers, target companies and investment bankers.

Harvey has lectured extensively on various Indigenous advisory and taxation matters, and real estate and business advisory topics in Quebec, Alberta, Nunavut, Ontario, and Newfoundland and Labrador. He also works closely with and has presented at Indigenous community mining and resource development conferences, and conferences sponsored by AFOA, CAMA, and CCAB, to name a few.

Fields of expertise

  • Client and transaction advisory services
  • Domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions
  • Transaction architecture
  • Transaction negotiation and execution
  • Impact and Benefit Agreements (IBA) financial participation
  • Business investment negotiations and asset protection
  • Governance matters

Academic background

  • ICD, Directors Education Program, 2016
  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA), 1975
  • B.Com., McGill University, 1971

Professional and community involvement

  • Institute of Corporate Directors – Institute-certified Director, since 2016
  • Indigenous and First Nations Impact and Benefit Agreements (IBA) – Transaction Advisor, since 1999
  • International Fiscal Association – Member, since 1985
  • Canadian Tax Foundation – Member, since 1981
  • CPA Canada – Member, since 1976
  • Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec – Member, since 1975

Public recognition

  • Co-author. “Navigating The Covid-19 Relief Measures Available to property owners and tenants,” Espace Montréal,  March 2021.
  • Editor. “Trusts as real estate owners. 21 years: not an anniversary to celebrate” Espace Montréal, September 2019.
  • Co-author. “Pay Attention to Tenant Inducement Payments (TIPs): Court of Quebec rules that a TIP is not a current expense
    and is therefore not deductible from income in Motter v. Agence du revenu du Québec.” Espace Montréal, September 2018.
  • Author. “Contaminated Lands and Components in Real Estate Deals: Buy-side Due diligence; who is on the hook for the cost of clean-up? Espace Montréal, November 2017.
  • Business matter contributor. “ART of the deal: Contaminated Lands and Components in Real Estate Deals: Buy-side Due diligence; who is on the hook for the cost of clean-up?” Espace Montréal, June 2017.
  • Business matter contributor. “The Art of the Deal: Sales Considerations in Mixed-Use Properties.” Espace Montréal, March 2016.
  • Co-author. “Art of the Deal: Non-Resident Real Estate Transactions- Complexities and Risks.” Espace Montréal, June 2013.
  • Author. “Tenant Inducements Payments”, Espace Montréal.
  • Presenter. “Effectively Managing Taxation Concerns When Dealing with Aboriginal Communities, Reserves and Companies”, 2012 Fundamentals of Aboriginal Law Conference.
  • Presenter. “Strategies for Impact Benefit Agreements (IBA) Success”, Aboriginal Entrepreneurs Conference.
  • Co-author. “Current Expenses or Capital Expenditures?”, Espace Montréal.
  • Author. “Sales Considerations in Mixed-Use Properties”, Espace Montréal.
  • Author. “Is there a ‘Best’ Way for a Canadian Individual to Own U.S. Real Estate?”, Espace Montréal.
  • Author. “How different players in the retail business are making it through the economic crisis”, La Presse.
  • Presenter. “Effective Strategies to Manage Operating Costs and Operation of a Rental Property”, Quebec Apartment Investment Conference.
  • Presenter. “Current Strategies in Negotiating Impact and Benefits Agreements in Natural Resource and Pipeline Development Projects, on behalf of Aboriginal Groups”, Aboriginal Forum on Natural Resources and Land Management.