Oren is highly respected by colleagues and clients for his practical mindset, cooperative nature, and unwavering determination. His extensive expertise in assessing businesses’ financial outlook and operations across various sectors enables him to bring invaluable insights to clients.

In his role, Oren holds a pivotal position overseeing the day-to-day operations of consulting engagements and ensuring the seamless execution of deliverables with his analytical approach and creative thinking. Oren is committed to fostering the professional growth of team members, guiding their development within the firm’s dynamic environment.

Oren’s personable demeanor complements his technical expertise, enabling him to be approachable while navigating complex challenges with ease. His ability to prioritize practical solutions and nurture collaboration reflects his commitment to excellence and his ability to drive positive outcomes for clients.


  • Assessing Business plans and financial projections
  • Liquidity outlook and cash flow enhancement initiatives
  • Crisis management & restructuring


  • Consumer services
  • Media & technology
  • Retail
  • Healthcare