Yuan Zhang

Vice President | CPA Write to Yuan Zhang


As a dedicated advisor committed to delivering excellence, Yuan approaches each mandate with a blend of expertise and professionalism. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and diligent work ethic, Yuan consistently tackles challenges head-on, offering practical and pragmatic solutions tailored to his clients’ unique needs.

Yuan has spearheaded numerous mandates, collaborating closely with clients to provide invaluable post-mortem tax advice and meticulously prepared financial statements for their estates and trusts. His role extends to overseeing the thorough review of tax filings, ensuring full compliance with ever-evolving income tax regulations.

Yuan’s approach is marked by his keen eye for detail, enabling him to uncover opportunities and mitigate risks effectively. His practical mindset and unwavering diligence shine through in his day-to-day interactions, fostering trust and confidence among his clientele. Leveraging his wealth of experience and insights accumulated throughout his career, Yuan remains steadfast in his commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes for his clients, setting a standard of excellence within the Estate team and beyond.


  • Estate Post-Mortem Tax Planning
  • Estate Administration