Yves Nadeau

Consultant | FCPA auditor, CRMA, CFE, CICA Write to Yves Nadeau
Yves Nadeau

Strategic, pragmatic, good listener.

To ensure your business’ viability and improve its performance, it is essential to be able to rely on an objective analysis of its operational context and specific needs.

An expert advisor recognized by boards of directors, audit committees and senior management, Yves advises his clients on strategic planning, corporate governance, risk management and internal auditing. He is also actively involved in the recommendation  implementation, in order to ensure the smooth operation of proposed solutions. Working with his clients, Yves is in a position to install strategies aimed at improving the growth and efficiency of commercial activities.

His background has seen him work for a wide variety of clients including public and private companies of all sizes, along with Crown corporations.

In addition to coaching clients, Yves leads a team of some 25 professionals in the firm’s National Risk, Performance and Technology Advisory Group.

His interpersonal and motivational skills make Yves a professional whose know-how is recognized by both his peers and clients.

Fields of expertise

  • Risk management
  • Project planning
  • Corporate governance
  • Information technology
  • Internal audit

Academic background

  • Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA), 2012
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), 2012
  • Chartered Public Accountant (CPA Illinois), 2001
  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA Auditor, CA), 1988
  • B.A.A., HEC Montréal, 1986

Professional and community involvement

  • Richter – Member of the Board of Directors, since 2013
  • Institut des auditeurs internes de Montréal (IAIM) – Member of the Board of Directors, since 2009. Chairman of the Governance Committee
  • Eulalie-Durocher Foundation – Member of the Board of Directors, 2008-2014
  • Réseau HEC Montréal – Member of the Board of Directors, 2005-2008
  • Fondation HEC Montréal – Member of the Board of Directors, 2005-2008
  • Jeunes Entreprises du Québec – Member of the Board of Directors, 2000-2005

Public recognition

  • Speaker. National Conference of the International Institute of Internal Auditors (Innovation and Internal Audit), October 2018
  • Speaker.-Passport Programs 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 from the Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Speaker. COSO and COSO ERM internal control framework (2013 to 2018)
  • Speaker. Institute of Corporate Directors (Strategic Planning and Risk Management in an Ambiguous World), December 2015
  • Speaker. Internal Audit Leaders Forum. Conference on Fraud Risks, December 2012
  • Speaker. International Institute of Internal Auditors National Conference, September 2012
  • Author. “Five Practices to Foster the Entrepreneurial Spirit”, Génération INC., June 2012
  • Conferences on the risk of fraud in collaboration with the IAI Montreal, 2011 and 2012
  • Author. “Project Management: Essential Practices”, Génération INC., November 2011
  • Author. “Fraudulously yours”, CAmagazine, April 2011
  • Quoted in the LETARTE article, Martine, “Risk Management in Times of Crisis – A Capital Affair”, La Presse (Business), September 2009
  • Speaker. Enterprise Risk Management (in partnership with IVIM), June 2007
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