There’s something exciting about the start of a young professional’s journey, where all opportunities are yours to shape and you have the ability to write your own history.

6 reasons to join Richter

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Richter is truly independent, which allows us to serve our clientele holistically and seamlessly across all their important matters.

Partner’s connection

Richter encourages an environment that not only gives everyone the ability to learn and connect directly with partners and senior team members, but also to be part of the story and witness them in action.

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Unique client-base

As an independent Business | Family Office, Richter carefully selects clients and works with them to create lasting value for both business and family matters. This client approach means we get to see firsthand the impact of our work on the stories of Canada’s most successful business owners and their families.

Fast-track to growth

Richter’s fast-track to partner has a proven success record, because we offer mentorship, leadership training, and guidance through the entire process. Our business is constantly growing, and we want to work with people who aspire to grow the business with us.

Diversity of work

Richter’s advisors work on different mandates, in various industries, for a variety of clients. The diversity of work means there’s also a tremendous opportunity for team members to create their own path and build careers that reflect their values and aspirations.

Freedom to innovate

Freedom to innovate at Richter means thinking outside the box, stepping up to grow your practice, finding new ways to improve how we work collectively, creating added value for a client or making a positive impact on the community.

Summer internship

A summer internship is completed during a student’s undergraduate program. Students begin in the audit team and then rotate to other departments. This helps undergrad students gain a frame of reference and get a better concept of firm life. ​​​​​​​This internship program usually starts in May and finishes at the end of July for a total of twelve (12) weeks.


  • Starts in May (12 weeks)


  • Starts in May (12 weeks)

When should you watch for application dates and important deadlines?

Fall Recruitment:

  • Postings appear for CPA internships and summer internships in late August
  • We hold a series of informational events and tours each fall
  • Interviews begin in September and go into October

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Winter internship

A winter CPA internship is considered a permanent position as a junior auditor. Generally, CPA students start their internship in the winter (January) during their first or second semester. Richter provides one month of study leave and then welcomes these interns back to the office after they have written the Common Final Examination (CFE). Richter reimburses interns for their CPA tuition fees once the interns begin at the firm on a permanent basis.


  • Starts in January until May (CFE Leave) – interns take a one-month study leave and then return full-time to the firm after writing the CFE


  • Starts in September/October (CPA school part time)

When should you watch for application dates and important deadlines?

Winter Pre-Recruitment:

  • Postings for CPA internships and summer internships appear in January
  • Interviews begin in February and go into March

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Students are a big part of Richter.

We’re passionate about helping shape their careers.

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