COVID-19: Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy: Program Summary Table

The framework of the CERS mirrors the framework of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy.

CERS (Periods 1 – 3)


CERS - determining eligibility - applicant, qualifying property, qualifying expense, CERS period, Filing deadline, compute revenue, comparative benchmark, ability to look back, alternative methods - table

calculate CERS - CERS period, CERS percentage, subsidy computation - table

CERS (Periods 4 – 9)


determine eligibility - applicant, qualifying property, CERS Period, Filing Deadline, Compute Revenues, Comparative Benchmark, Ability to Look Back, Alternative Methods

CERS Period - CERS Percentage (Subsidy and Top-up %); Subsidy Computation (Base subsidy; Top-up subsidy)