Maude, member of the CREW M and involved on the Committee for planning the 2018 Excellence Gala.

1- What does CREW M do for the community?

CREW M promotes, supports and recognizes the success of women in commercial real estate. CREW M is the Montreal chapter of CREW Network. CREW Network was founded in 1989, and is the first network in the industry to be devoted to the promotion and success of women. CREW M is a “hub,” a place of exchange and enrichment, where all industry disciplines converge on a unique platform offering relevant content and memorable experiences through forums and through both real and virtual meetings that promote fruitful business exchanges between members.

2- How did you get involved with CREW M?

Five years ago, Stéphanie Lincourt, an Audit division partner, invited me to a CREW M event. She took me under her wing, introduced me to several people at the event and included me in their conversation. I think that’s the best thing you can do when someone doesn’t know anyone. It breaks the ice, and the person will feel less shy to approach people. For nearly two years, I went to most of the events. I created a little network for myself, but I wanted more. I wanted to do more for the organization. That’s why I decided to get involved in the Forum Committee, which is in charge of organizing all the network’s events. I did that for two years and, since the beginning of this year, I’ve been on the 2018 Gala Committee.

3- Why is promoting and recognizing the success of women in the real estate sector so important to you?

As a member of the association for over five years, and having participated in the Impact A program – CREW M cohort three years ago, I started really caring about women in business and wanted to make a difference by contributing and by sharing my expertise.

4- What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome since joining the network?

I would say that the biggest challenge has been overcoming my shyness. It was pretty stressful going to events where I didn’t know anyone. But going with a member who was already familiar with the network quickly helped me feel comfortable and like I belonged.

5- You’re involved on the committee for planning the annual Gala Excellence happening in November. Can you tell us more about it?

Of course! Since its creation in 2009, the CREW M Excellence Gala has paid tribute to the excellence of women in commercial real estate. The event raises the profile of women working in the industry and supports them in their career development. In line with CREW M’s mission, it promotes both new talent and women of experience. CREW M members and non-members are invited to submit nominations in one of three categories: Rising Star, Excellence and Leadership, and Mentorship. Lastly, the Tribute award is given by the Montréal CREW chapter and is awarded to a woman who has significantly contributed to the advancement of women in the industry.

The awards evening is the organization’s signature event, bringing together top leaders and influencers in the industry. It is one of the premiere events on the real estate calendar.

The Gala will take place on November 20. Please join us!