First line of defense

From our Cybersecurity experts

We live in a digital world. Even if it is not operating in the tech space, your business is still at risk. From data breaches to holding information hostage with ransomware, there are a myriad of ways criminals can impact your business.

So how can you protect your business? Read on.

In this series, we’re sharing insights and tips to help you reduce risk to your organization, manage compliance, and stay safe.

Tip #6: Institute a security/privacy awareness training program

Employees have a critical role to play when it comes to safeguarding your business and your data. Schedule educational seminars and provide team members with appropriate reference documents and training materials. Not only should they have the proper training on how to collect, process, and store information to prevent data breaches, but they should also know how to identify and report potential breaches. They are your first line of defense.


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