We know what you are thinking: It was coming eventually, but the timing could not be worse. You are getting ready to launch a new product and heading into your busiest season. Of course you are worried about how much time and resources will go into preparing the documents, but you are also stressing about the outcome. Your books are in order, but what if they find something? What if you forgot a detail somewhere? As an entrepreneur, every dollar counts and one can only take so many hits.

“It’s unavoidable: At some point, your company will get audited. Even if you’re confident in your practices, support throughout the process will help to make it less stressful.” – Stéphane Marcassa LL. B., D.E.S.S. Fisc., Partner

We know you want to get this taken care of efficiently, so that you can refocus on other significant priorities.

Our Richter professionals work with entrepreneurs every day, so we get it. An audit can have major consequences on your finances, the viability of your business and ultimately, your ability to provide for your family. We are here for you before, during and after your audit.


Before the audit, we work together to build a plan and a checklist to ensure that you are providing all the required information. And to make the process as smooth as possible, we can act as an intermediary between your company and government authorities, ensuring communication is clear and best practices are followed.

After the audit, if you are facing an assessment there are a number of actions we can take, including negotiating with the government, filing an appeal, and/or reviewing your contribution schedule.

We understand your reality and will do everything we can to help your company handle the audit process seamlessly, so you can focus on the business (and personal) matters that matter most to you.