Know the right people before a crisis

From our Cybersecurity experts

We live in a digital world. Even if it is not operating in the tech space, your business is still at risk. From data breaches to holding information hostage with ransomware, there are a myriad of ways criminals can impact your business.

So how can you protect your business? Read on.

In this series, we’re sharing insights and tips to help you reduce risk to your organization, manage compliance, and stay safe.

Tip #5: Establish partnerships with organizations that may assist you during a crisis

It should be obvious, but the midst of an incident is not the right time to be sourcing or negotiating service agreements with professionals to help you out of said crisis.  Doing this while stressed will be costly – figuratively and literally.

Given the need to respond effectively and efficiently to a cybersecurity incident, it is advisable to proactively establish partnerships with organizations and professionals that may assist you in containing, remediating and recovering from an incident.

Who, exactly, are some of the key players you may need on your side? In short:

  • legal counsel;
  • public relations firms;
  • cybersecurity experts;
  • insurance companies; and
  • credit bureaus.

This is just a short list of experts you should have at the ready; contacts you know and trust that will be able to help you through a dire situation.

Specific experts in the legal, advisory, and public relations sectors deal with similar situations on the regular. In preparation, some organizations may also provide educational materials or awareness training programs to your team. These workshops will not only help your team ready themselves for a crisis, but will also be an opportunity to learn more about the professionals that can help you out, and give time to discuss any questions or challenges face-to-face.


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