Law 25 (formerly Bill 64) – Are you compliant?

The top 6 questions to ask yourself, and the top 4 tips to get started towards complying with Law 25 (formerly Bill 64) to protect your company and its data.

Bill 64 - Top 6 questions to ask yourself

  1. Where and how is your organization’s data stored?
  2. What type of personal data is stored or used by your organization?
  3. How many third parties have access to your organization’s personal data?
  4. Do you have personal data protection policies?
  5. What measures are in place at your organization to protect the personal data of your employees and customers?
  6. Do you have efficient practices and internal controls in place to ensure personal data security?

Bill 64- Top 4 tips

  1. Train your employees on personal data protection best practices.
  2. Get acquainted with Law 25 (formerly Bill 64) and its implications on your business.
  3. Contact us to start thinking about how to align your business with the new requirements.
  4. Put a process in place to adequately respond to requests from your employees and customers who may ask for their personal data.

Looking for more information? Head to the Law 25 (formerly Bill 64) main resource page.