On the flip side: do you know where your information lives?

From our Cybersecurity experts

We live in a digital world. Even if it is not operating in the tech space, your business is still at risk. From data breaches to holding information hostage with ransomware, there are a myriad of ways criminals can impact your business.

So how can you protect your business? Read on.

In this series, we’re sharing insights and tips to help you reduce risk to your organization, manage compliance, and stay safe.

Tip #4: Check in on your vendors that also have access to your critical information

You may be the most careful company on the planet when it comes to data management – but is everyone else as competent as you and your staff? As a recent Reuters’ article pointed out: “a firm’s level of cybersecurity is only as good as the cybersecurity of its vendors”[1]… starts to make you think beyond your own four office walls, doesn’t it?

It’s imperative to have regular cybersecurity reviews/assessments of your vendors that have access to your company’s sensitive data. Determine whether any of them present an unacceptable level of risk due to a lack of necessary information security controls, policies, and/or procedures. It’s also advisable to review your own procurement procedures to incorporate cybersecurity/privacy requirements into your selection process for any of your future service contracts.


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