Fraud and financial investigations

Skill, professional judgment and investigative mindset

Fraud and financial investigations

Richter’s fraud and financial investigation work is undertaken with a focus on discretion, judgment and timeliness, while focusing on protecting the evidence at hand.

Our expertise includes preparing examinations in collaboration with the legal advisors involved in the file. Our specialists have vast experience in conducting interrogations, a definite asset in an investigation. We set up investigation and analysis processes to detect fraud, determine how it was perpetrated, and quantify the amounts at issue, while considering the legal context of the engagement. Our services may include assistance in executing an Anton Piller order.

Fraudulent acts leading to investigative work can take various forms, including:

Corruption and misappropriation of assets

White collar criminals show tremendous imagination in this regard, and use a variety of methods to appropriate assets. These include irregularities such as kickbacks, under-, over- and fictitious billing, falsification of payroll data and records, skimming, lapping, manipulation of cheques and electronic fund transfer documents, fraudulent expense reports and simple theft.

The strategies used for public contracts are mainly kickbacks and bidder collusion.

Financial statement fraud

Financial statements can be manipulated so as to fictitiously improve a company's financial position and actual results. Reasons for such manipulations include maintaining a stock market quote, achieving objectives for the payment of performance bonuses, observing the financial ratios required by a financial institution or regulatory body, and boosting a company's sale price.

The reverse situation, i.e. unfavourable manipulation of financial statement data, may occur during the buyout of a shareholder so as to minimize the valuation, and consequently, the purchase price.

Bankruptcy fraud

In the context of bankruptcy, the bankrupt's assets may be subject to unlawful agreements and acts before the Licensed Insolvency Trustee takes control of them. These acts may cause serious financial losses to creditors.

Insurance claim fraud

Insurance companies are sometimes presented with claims for overstated or unfounded loss of business income. These situations may represent large amounts justifying the use of experienced investigators.

By-law violations

Public agency by-laws can be bypassed by implementing complex procedures. These situations require a thorough understanding of regulations and a finely honed investigative mindset.

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