Michael is a strategist who works directly with boards and executive teams in corporate and growth strategy, business planning, commercial diligence, market studies, and go-to-market planning.

Michael has a proven ability to identify future growth levers to achieve a competitive advantage and enhance organizational performance. Ultimately, Michael seeks to create value – not only for a company’s shareholders, but for all its stakeholders.

Michael has advised clients in numerous industries: pharmaceuticals and life sciences, public sector, private equity, TMT, industrials and manufacturing.

Michael’s style is rooted in pragmatism to reflect his belief that strategic planning should align the organization behind a common goal that is ambitious, yet achievable. His holistic approach aims to ensure that client’s receive forward-thinking solutions that are supported by key implementation enablers to create a clear execution roadmap.


  • Corporate strategy
  • Growth and market entry strategy
  • Business planning
  • Strategic reviews
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial Due Diligence


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Life sciences
  • Industrials
  • Professional services
  • Manufacturing


Client: North American Energy Solutions Company

  • The client was integrating a recent acquisition and sought a new 5-year corporate growth strategy to chart the path of the combined entity.
  • Conducted a comprehensive internal diagnostic and analyzed the external market and competitive forces to identify and vet potential growth avenues for the client.
  • Characterized each high-potential growth avenue along strategic, operational and financial criteria and facilitated a data-driven prioritization process to finalize the future growth strategy and develop the detailed execution roadmap and implementation plan.

Client: MedTech & Healthcare Services Company

  • The client, a Canadian subsidiary of a global medtech manufacturing and distribution company, sought to develop a 5-year growth strategy to increase its contribution to the global parent as well as unify disparate management viewpoints across its business units behind a common vision and set of goals.
  • Conducted extensive external market and competitive analysis, customer and supplier analysis as well as a comprehensive internal diagnostic consisting of management interviews, financial analysis across geographies, channels, SKUs, customers and suppliers and organizational structure review to identify a range of strategic and operational improvement opportunities.
  • Identified a set of market growth and internal optimization opportunities to include in the future 5-year growth strategy and developed a detailed implementation plan to transfer the findings and execution details to internal management teams.

Academic background

  • Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Music, 2010
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), 2012