When you are thinking about selling your business, there are many considerations and a lot to consider. You want as much as possible to stay objective, but your business has been your life’s work, so there are many emotions involved. Even if it is the right time to sell, it can be hard to know where to start. How do you best prepare yourself and your team? How do you determine a fair value of your business? What type of interest can you expect from prospective buyers?

When your business is your life (or at least a huge part of it), we understand that it’s a big event when you decide to hand over the reins of your operation to someone new. Selling a business isn’t an overnight process, in some cases, it can take five to ten years to implement fully. Given the scope of the task, you’ll need trusted advisors who are in it with you for the long haul; ones who can anticipate and understand the emotional challenges and financial hurdles ahead.

We’ve been helping owners successfully sell their businesses for decades. The trust our clients place in us is rooted in the genuine, caring, and personalized approach we apply to every unique situation.

We’ll help you identify potential buyers, prepare the information memorandum, make initial contact on your behalf, and execute the selection process.  We also perform reverse/seller due diligence to help you prepare for a sale. Our process prevents unanticipated surprises during buyer due diligence. When it comes time to negotiate, we handle it in a way that ensures you get maximum value and the best terms possible.

Your business is personal. Work with seasoned advisors who have seen it all before and will have your best interests at heart.

Is your business ready to be sold?