“Pour une gestion d’entreprise et familiale parfaitement intégrée”| Les Affaires| Interview with Tasso Lagios, Justine Delisle and Giovanni Di Maria

Our partners Tasso Lagios, Justine Delisle and Giovanni Di Maria were recently interviewed by the magazine Les Affaires for an article entitled “Pour une gestion d’entreprise et familiale parfaitement intégrée.” The article discusses the complexity of running a successful business, the intricacies of business and family decisions, and the importance of finding an effective way to balance business and family interests. The article goes on to explain Richter’s two-platform model the Business | Family Office.

“By acting as the integrator at the centre of the two worlds of business and family, we ensure that every decision is made in the interest of the owner and his or her family,” explains Giovanni. “We are the only firm serving both the owner’s business and his or her family interests in such an integrated way.”

Justine shared an example of our integrated approach and how it helped one of our clients: “By taking on some of the financial, operational and strategic burden, we were able to make our client’s life easier during this time of great change.”

It’s also an approach that goes beyond a single mandate, as Tasso explained: “Richter’s team works with business owners and their families to establish long-term goals that align with their vision of a legacy consistent with their values and goals. And our team will do everything in its power to help our clients achieve this.”


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