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At Richter we know from experience the value created at the intersection of business and family where complexity resides and legacies are built. We are uniquely positioned to address the needs of Canada’s most successful business owners and their families and help them chart a clear path to shape their legacy for the future.

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We create value at the intersection of business and family, where complexity resides, and legacies are built.


Richter blends the opportunity of business with the complexity of family. 

Our experience has shown us that successful companies break down silos and encourage the efficient flow of information. The best strategies are always integrated and success is based on taking in the big picture. We apply this vision to everything we do. We offer an integrated service that ensures that all energy invested in creating lasting value benefits both business and family.

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Richter blends the opportunity of business with the complexity of family. 


Our value proposition is to ensure that everything we do for a client’s business is linked to a successful long-term strategy. We support leaders and address all of their business needs, from foundational services like financial reporting and tax planning, to objective-focused key strategic advice. Our advisory experts rely on their diverse skills and backgrounds to assess complex situations and design tailored solutions that perfectly suit a company’s specific needs.

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We understand that each family is unique, as are its challenges. Through our design process, we establish a financial roadmap for business owners and their families starting with an understanding of where the family is currently and where it wants to be. We support our clients in all their personal affairs and as an integrated in-house platform, we help them manage their wealth while delivering independent strategic advice on financial and personal objectives across generations.

Turn business and family into a win-win.

We have no predefined roadmap. Every business owner, entrepreneur and family is unique, and the path ahead is uncharted and ready to be built to align with your values and needs.

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Helping business owners and their families build success stories

Bridging the Gap Between Business and Family

From a long line of family entrepreneurs, this third-generation business owner worked with Richter for all his company’s needs: financial reporting, tax planning, managing stakeholder relations, and more. The company grew considerably over the years, which led the owner to sell part of it. Richter assisted with the business valuation and the transaction. The sale of our client’s business led to a liquidity event of over $300M. The liquidity event made him realize that he would now face a variety of challenges on the personal front, including making sure this liquidity was converted into generational wealth, and managing all the details and advisors involved in the process.

That’s where Richter helped him to bridge the gap between business and family and onboarded him to our Richter Family Office platform. We created a bespoke infrastructure for his family office. Working closely with him to build and actively manage his portfolio, financial affairs, philanthropic projects, real estate assets, family governance, and educate the next generation in order to ensure intergenerational success.

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A True Entrepreneur at Heart

This serial entrepreneur came to us after the sale of her latest company. She was referred to us by another one of our clients for our family office services but didn’t know exactly what that entailed in her case. After meeting with her to understand her situation, her story and her goals, we determined that her broad range of assets required the same level of oversight and diligence as a well-run operating business and introduced her to our Richter Family Office platform. We helped her set up and manage her family office: from wealth management, finances and operations, to helping with lifestyle management.

A true entrepreneur at heart, our new client was already looking for her next business venture. We introduced her to our Transaction team on the Richter Consulting platform, to help guide her through her subsequent acquisitions and successful business deals.

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Richter partners Tasso Lagios and Marc Yedid were featured in “Intersecting business and family: one firm’s model for success”, a Globe and Mail article in which they discussed Richter’s Business | Family Office and our commitment to helping our clients at the intersection of business and family.

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Richter’s Tasso Lagios, Managing Partner, and Marc Yedid, Partner, were featured in a Canadian Business magazine article — “How Richter is Advising at the Intersection of Business and Family” –discussing how Richter’s Business | Family Office is a solution for the complexity that resides at the intersection of business and family matters.

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