Research Manager Process

“Manager research is really about asking the right questions. While we are respectful of managers, we are not overly concerned about asking questions that might be perceived as intrusive. You know areas you want to cover, but you also need to be perceptive regarding what the other person is saying. If you sense they’re uncomfortable speaking about a certain part of a strategy or an element of risk management, you keep pulling on that thread to see what unravels” Richter Family Office Vice President Sudharshan Sathiyamoorthy, who leads due diligence efforts.

Richter Family Office’s Research Manager Process is renowned. Our team employs FIVE core stages to approve of a new manager or strategy, a process which takes months, even years, if necessary. Potential managers may be eliminated at any point in the process.

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“We seek to find concentrated managers who have a style and approach that can differentiate from the market return, but more so in periods of stress than impressing us in periods of bull market runs. That’s the culture of diligence; it’s to unravel their process and understand how they think about that assessment and construct the portfolio as a result. And it doesn’t matter what strategy we’re seeking, we use that culture as part of our diligence” Danny Ritter, Partner, RFO.


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