Richter Withdraws from the Les Affaires Accounting Firm Ranking

Richter becomes a Business | Family Office

To strengthen its positioning as a Business | Family Office, Richter has chosen to opt out of Les Affaires magazine’s accounting firm ranking. Founded in Montreal in 1926, the firm withdrew from the ranking not because it no longer does accounting, but because it offers services that go well beyond that field.

From an accounting firm to a Business | Family Office

As business owners and entrepreneurs will tell you, to remain successful you must adapt and innovate. Inspired by this vision, Richter has evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of its clients.

Richter combines years of expertise in business advisory and family office services to establish a brand-new category in the market: the Business | Family Office. Thanks to its expertise and two-platform model, Richter is the only firm in Canada ideally positioned to bridge the gap between business and family interests.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, there’s a certain complexity that resides at the intersection of business and family interests. Ask any entrepreneur—business is never “just business.” By helping integrate the different aspects related to the business, its owners and their families, Richter plays a crucial role in developing its clients’ long-term goals, establishing a plan and executing it.

Development opportunities for professionals

At Richter’s Business | Family Office, professionals of diverse backgrounds and expertise can put their knowledge and expertise to work solving a range of complex issues requiring integrated solutions.

They have the opportunity to apply their expertise in areas that go well beyond accounting and taxation, including business strategy, corporate financing, transactional consulting, cybersecurity, wealth management, and family office management, to name a few. Our professionals work with local entrepreneurs and their families to help them build solid, lasting legacies.

Richter has been implementing this innovative vision for multiple years, a vision that resonates even more in this time of uncertainty, as the relationship between business and family interests becomes increasingly complex for owners. Overcoming these challenges requires an integrated and personalized approach that takes into account the uniqueness and dynamics of each business and family. In creating its Business | Family Office, Richter has taken an innovative approach offering a new vision that goes well beyond accounting.


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