Tasso Lagios interviewed by Canadian Family Offices

Tasso Lagios spoke with Canadian Family Offices to discuss Richter’s family office expertise and our holistic client approach.

Discover the insights of Tasso Lagios, managing partner at Richter, as he shares his expertise in working with Canada’s wealthiest families. In an exclusive interview with Canadian Family Offices, Tasso offers a unique perspective on the challenges faced by high-net-worth families and the evolving landscape of family offices.

Tasso explores the distinctive nature of family offices in Canada and Richter’s approach to providing tailored solutions across a spectrum of services: “I find the family office space quite fascinating because it is somewhat new in the Canadian markets, but also in some ways, it’s somewhat undefined. At Richter, the way we have defined it is we offer a full suite of services to our clients, and are not focused in one specific area. We offer the full suite of services – which includes areas such as support around accounting and taxes, and also areas of acting in the capacity of a chief operating officer and chief financial officer – but more importantly, our solutions are always customized to the client’s needs.”

For a deeper understanding of Tasso’s insights and expertise, read the full article on the Canadian Family Offices website.